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You’ve every right to grumble as white van man. Not only do you have to endure other motorists on a daily basis, you also have to pay through the nose for fuel as well. There are methods you can introduce to your driving style though that’ll help you reduce trips to the petrol station. Try one of these methods and see how far they take you.

1) Plan your route: One of the best ways to save fuel is to organise your route so you don’t double back on yourself. Try to take uncongested routes if you can, listen out for traffic updates or pick the shortest way to get to a delivery via your sat-nav.

2) Drive smart: Always set off smoothly and read the road ahead so you limit the amount of braking and accelerating you have to do. Change up as soon as you can to prevent the engine from over-revving and slow down to make your fuel last as long as possible.

3) Keep your van well maintained: Get your van serviced regularly and keep an eye on tyre pressures, over or under-inflated tyres can result in lower miles per gallon.

4) Leave windows up: When driving at speed close your windows, leave them open and they will cause drag which affects the overall MPG of the vehicle.

5) Switch off the air-con: If you have a fancy van that’s fitted with air conditioning use it as sparingly as possible. If you are making local deliveries open your windows instead, get used to living life without the air-con.

6) Shop around for fuel: Don’t take it as read that your local fuel station is the lowest priced, do a price comparison for petrol stations in the area. Supermarket forecourts are generally cheaper, so start to fill your van up when you pop to the shops!

The Goods in Transit Direct Team