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Work on a self-employed basis as a courier driver and you need to take out van insurance for your workhorse. There’s no getting around this but there is a way you can trim the cost of your annual policy by following our advice. We’re dedicated to lowering the cost of insurance at Goods in Transit Direct so we have given you a list of top five tips to slash the cost of your premium.

1) Watch your speed: The more points you have on your licence the dearer your renewal quote will be. We know it’s easy to put your foot down when you have time-conscious deliveries to make, or a van that’s busting at the seams with multi-drop parcels, but try to lower your speed if you can. Drive safely and you won’t ‘tot-up’ points for speeding or careless driving.

2) Secure your van: Thieves love vans. They like to nick them, use them in crimes, strip them down for parts or sell them with fake identities. Get your van pinched and that’s going to affect your premium so keep is as secure as you can. Use insurance-approved security measures and read one of our other blogs on ‘How to prevent your van from getting pinched’ for more practical advice.

3) Build up your no claims: The longer you can drive a van without making a claim the better it will be for your insurance. Drive carefully and avoid bumps and scrapes to keep your premium as low as possible. And when you build up a healthy no claims bonus think about protecting it so you won’t lose all your bonus if you have an accident.

4) Pick a smaller engine size: Opt for a diesel-guzzling V6 turbo van and expect to pay a premium when you come to insure the commercial. Take the more sensible route and choose a smaller van that has less engine capacity and you should see a few savings on insurance and running costs too.

5) Pay premiums annually: It’s nice to spread the cost of insurance on a monthly basis but if you can pay the premium in one lump sum that will save you a fair amount of cash. Pay for the year up front and you won’t pay any extra interest, it’s a simple but effective way to save money.

The Goods in Transit Direct Team