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As a courier you could be carrying anything from papers to iPhone's, electrical equipment to catalogue items and many things you’ll carry are classed as theft attractive i.e. electrical equipment, clothes…basically anything ‘nickable’.

Are you happy to settle saving a few pounds on your goods in transit insurance for the sake of a policy that doesn’t really cover your business needs?

‘Unwitting Items’ Cover

Some companies offer cheap goods in transit insurance by having an endorsement on the policy called ‘unwitting items’ or goods taken ‘unwittingly’. In our experience, whilst a very valid condition on some policies, many companies may use this as a bit of a devious selling point.

“…but my policy has this “unwitting items clause” and is cheaper so I’ll take this one out instead”

Fair enough, but you see that big box your about to deliver with a sticker on the side stating “Printers For You Ltd”? Well that’s a most likely printer and as such is classed as ‘theft attractive”. Also, the goods may not have anything disclosed on them but the invoice or delivery note may do and then any claim may be classed as void and in some instances, you could be held liable.

In our opinion, if you’re a courier, then you can deliver anything and everything so should be covered for any eventuality.

Fortunately our goods in transit cover is includes THEFT ATTRACTIVE ITEMS so if you need full cover then contact us today.

The Goods in Transit Direct Team